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  • How to renovate your gymnasium wood/rubber floor and play on it in 24 hrs -Step by step instructions on cleaning and refinishing with water based sealants.
  •  Developing Daily Cleaning Schedules and Check Lists - Through one on one discussions and facility tour we will provide you with a fool-proof step by step guide for daily cleaning of your facility.


Not familiar with Supply Solutions? Ask your salesperson for our company value paper:
  • Why Your Cleaning Company Should Buy From Supply Solutions - A written report on the added value offered to customers by Supply Solutions


WAVE ‘N DRY TOUCH-FREE HAND TOWEL DISPENSER VIDEO If your business depends on hygienic, smooth-running and cost-efficient washrooms, Bay West offers a range of exceptional, durable hand towel dispensers that cut wastage, prevent abuse and vastly reduce your spend. An overview of installing the Wave ‘n Dry Touch Free Hand Towel Dispenser, including refill instructions. These dispensers cut waste, prevent abuse, a reduces your overall paper costs.


EFFECTIVENESS OF THREE-MAT ENTRY WAY SYSTEM Did you know that the cost to remove one pound of dirt is over $600? The matting you place at your entrance is perhaps one of the most important prevention steps you can take to reduce damage to your flooring and decrease maintenance time. The proper matting will trap dirt and debris before it is tracked into your building.