Floors are one of the largest physical and aesthetic aspects of a building.  They experience high traffic and require regular care for longevity and for the safety of anyone who walks through your doors.  Careful attention to floors takes more than just cleaning up spills and tracked-in dirt. Here are some benefits of crafting a cleaning plan specifically for your floors.

1. Illness and injury prevention  

Routine maintenance gets people regularly checking floors.  Do you have any cracked tiles? Uneven floors? Ripped carpet? All of these increase the chance of trips, falls, and injuries in your schools.  Do you have wet areas that could contribute to mold or mildew growth that could be making staff members or students sick?

2. Longer lasting floors

Your floors are used all day, every day, by every single person who enters your doors.  Regular upkeep will ensure your floors look nicer for longer. Your district will have a better return on investment with consistent cleaning practices.  Making a schedule allows your janitorial team to catch problems before they get out of control, and hopefully before they become costly!

  • Hard floors require a routine of deep cleaning, floor sealing, and refinishing or restoring when needed.  
  • Carpet needs to be vacuumed regularly to remove loose debris and dirt and to separate carpet pile.  After vacuuming, hot water extraction can be used to clean the carpet fibers. This involves a combination of hot water and special cleaning agents being injected into the carpet fibers at high pressure and loosened soil being removed by a powerful vacuum.   
  • Wood is beautiful and will last a long time with daily cleaning and periodic refinishing.  Water is wood’s worst enemy! Wood floors may be damaged by wetness or by a buildup of dirt or improperly used cleaners.  Daily sweeping or vacuuming is essential, and wet mopping should be used once a week or less in high traffic areas. Never use any furniture polish or oils on wood floors – they leave behind a slick residue and cause hard to remove build-up.

3. It’s a matter of pride!

Beautiful, well-kept floors can have a WOW effect.  Maintaining your floors protects the initial investment made when they were installed.  An attractive environment has a positive effect on all those who work, learn, and grow in your space.  Keep the spirit of your school alive and well by keeping your floors clean, sparkly, and shiny!